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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Important Components of Flight Simulator Games

Here are very important questions about the components in top notch flight simulator games.  Do you know the answers?  There is no quiz at the end, so all answers are correct.

What are the Most Important Components in Top Notch Flight Simulator Games?

People play flight simulator online games for a wide variety of reasons.  Some are looking for the true experience of flight. Some are interested in the combat components of the game.  Other people are more interested in taking tours through history and enjoying the experience of "flying" in various planes, checking out the cockpits, and exploring the differences in these older model planes when compared with the thoroughly modern planes, jets, helicopters, and fighters we have today.  The best combat flight simulator is going to be one that piques the interest and engages the mind of everyone even remotely interested in the plane, flight simulator, game genre.

Here are just a few of the most important components to keep in mind when your time comes to pick the right flight simulator x or combat flight simulator 2 game for you.

The Planes

There is nothing that can make or break a promising flight simulation game faster than the planes that are part of the game.  People enjoy flight simulators because they are able to use them as a vehicle to explore planes that are near and dear to their hearts for whatever reasons.  The planes are definitely the bread and butter of this gaming genre.  You want to choose games that offer a solid selection of planes, different views of the plane to keep things exciting, and controls that feel natural for the plane during the period of time it represents.

The Places

Another important factor to keep in mind are the locations in the game.  "The more locations; the better" is good as a general rule but when it comes to the flight simulator x planes, and so many others, it's better to have locations that are authentic and accurate in terms of planet earth than to have a ton of fictitious locations skies to explore.

You also want to be fairly certain that the locations in the game are consistent with actual places on the planet.  A flight from New York to Chicago should be about the same distance in the game as it would be outside of the game.


The real kicker is that while many people are interested in airplane simulator games as a means of escaping the real world only to want the world within the game as close to real as possible.  I'm sure countless psychologists have had their field day trying to understand these differences.  It's more than just finding a flight simulator joystick that provides a little bit of feedback from the game.  It's the entire experience.  You want the most realistic cockpits, maps, aerodynamics, and even weather that can be found in a flight sim game.

These are the traits that set the casual gamer apart from the dedicated fans of online airplane games.  If you are looking for a truly authentic flight experience in a simulation game then you'd do well to check out a flight simulator x review or two and see if this might be the game for you.


*** If this was helpful please follow me as I delve into Airplane Flight Simulator Strategy

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