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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Does Forgivable Loans Exist?

Oddly enough I'm asked this question over and over again.  The Answer however has never changed.

The answer is, at least for now:  YES!  You can - under certain circumstances - get a loan or loans forgiven by the government, colleges, for homes, second mortgages, and more.  Why haven't you gotten your loan or loans forgiven?  Needless to say,  "No One" (ever) told you it was possible, or it could have been you didn't believe it was real.  What would it take for you to believe "Forgivable Loans" exists?

I hope Teachers and College Students read this blog.  Why?  I mean this literally, I'm the type of person that likes to Keep Things Simple.  If it's "KEPT SIMPLER" people will not feel as though they are being talked down to, or being belittled by having a lower education, etc.  Forgivable Loans Exist!

Here is a site I'm including to give you a reference point.  I have other sites to show as well, but I want you, my visitors and members to see "some of" the loan forgiveness programs available.  If you haven't found one, and you are searching for a specific type, please feel free to contact me with what you're looking for and I may have the information available and  can send it to you.

Thank You for visiting my Blog,

Rick McDonald

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