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Vacation Pass Ticket

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Student Teacher Consolidation Loan Forgiveness Programs

Hello Again, Yes, you may have wondered why I haven't been keeping this Forgivable Loan Blog updated. To answer that question I will simply say: The weather doesn't stay the same all the time, and since I'm physically disabled it's difficult to keep up-to-date on everything. Therefore, I ask your Forgiveness as I try to do better. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I want to start off by "giving you" FREE Downloadable Student Teacher Consolidation Loan Forgiveness Program Articles to read and use in reducing your debt or totally eliminating your debt. These are in no particular order, so pick as you choose. NOTE: There hasn't been any editing of these articles. They're exactly the way I received them. Each claims to be an original. So, there shouldn't be any "re-hashed" or "out-dated" Forgivable Loan information in them. Enjoy the Consolidation Loan Information, and if you would like to subscribe to "Debt Free Me" - another site that I'm proud to be a part of - please sign up and receive FREE Downloads for being a New Subscriber. 1) All About Loan Forgiveness 2) Consolidation Loan Student Programs: Bringing Your Dept Under Control 3) Dealing With Student Debt In America: Federal Student Loan Consolidation And Other Tales 4) Federal Student Loan Forgiveness 5) Have A Hassle FREE Student Life With Student Debt Management Loan 6) How College Student Loan Forgiveness Programs Work 7) Is There Such A Thing As Loan Forgiveness For Nurses 8) Loan Forgiveness For Nurse A Boon 9) Student Consolidation Loan: How Consolidating Student Loans Can Keep You Out of Debt 10) Student Debt Management Loan Lets One Enjoy Student Life 11) Student Loan Forgiveness 12) Student Loan Secrets: Improve Your Credit Score And Pay Off Your Student Loans 13) Teacher Websites: A Student Perspective 14) When The Teacher Becomes The Student I will add more of these - types of - articles as time goes by. Please read - if you like - download and use the information in these articles to help your friends and family with College Student Loan issues. Rick McDonald "Forever In His Service"

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How Can I Find Work

The title for this post and blog is a question I'm asked repeatedly when I try to explain:  "You Can Make Money Online From Home or Any Place Where You Have Access To A Computer And Internet"

What really amazes me is this:
  • Most individuals I make that statement to are looking for "hiring" instead of (DIY) Do It Yourself.
  • Most individuals believe: "I Must Work For Somebody To Earn Money"
  • Most individuals ask or state the following, while inwardly hoping for RELIEF:

Listed below are the order in which these are most asked:
  1. "Job Websites" which are the best
  2. "Where Can I Find Jobs That Are Hiring"
  3. "Local Jobs" how do I find them before others do
  4. "Job Search" I do it every day, but I'm not finding work
  5. "Job Site" are there any legitimate "Job Sites" locally
  6. "Where Can I Find Work From Home Jobs"
  7. "Where Can I Find A Job Online"
  8. "How Can I Find A Job Online"
  9. "Where Can I Find An Online Job"
  10. "Where Can I Find Online Jobs"
And much, much more.

Those may have sounded boring.  Think of how it sounds to me everytime I hear one, if not all of those questions spoken to me.  So, after much thought I decided to do something that would be beneficial to everyone that asks questions like the ones you read in 1 thru 10.

I partnered with someone to develop a Web Site to help answer those questions, and we included a multi-level Membership Package Program.  Quick Note:  Memberships are available from - FREE to Life-Time.

"Brothers For A Cause"

PS:  NOW!!!  Yes, for those that keep asking for Debt Relief - Debt Elimination - Forgivable Loans - Work From Home (DIY) Business Opportunities - and more, feel free to evaluate Debt Free Me or Me Debt Free and leave feedback.  If you do not see what you're interested in let me know and I'll do my best to find and supply a link for you to use in aiding your quest for knowledge and/or information.

You are a valuable member or visitor to this Blogger Blog, and I want to thank you for coming by and reading my posts.  For questions, business opportunities, work from home jobs, forgivable loans for teachers and students online, health related information, do it yourself, debt relief, find jobs online, hiring, job websites, local jobs, how can I find work, and more, remember I am always trying to supply the best.